If you are shopping around there is one very simple question to ask... "Is your product Watermarked?"

Little Penguin Water Co. drinking water treatment systems have been tested and approved to conform to Australian Standards specifications and they proudly carry the Watermark Symbol. These stringent test regimes ensure our product is safe for consumers.

Please note: International markings and test results bear little or no relevance in Australia so donít be talked into believing otherwise.  

The Watermark logo also indicates that the Little Penguin Water Co. systems can be legally installed by Licensed Plumbing Practitioners into mains water lines, unlike many other drinking water treatment systems currently on the market.

Non Watermarked products cannot be legally installed into mains water lines and they may carry significant health risks for consumers. There are also significant 'other risks' such as financial and insurance risks for specifiers and owner/operators to consider. The laws on Australian Standards products approvals and installations are quite specific.

For further information on Australian & New Zealand

Standards please visit the below links.